It’s simple, our design style is YOUR design style. Our philosophy is that this is your event and it should be reflective of your personality, style or brand. Our designers take pride in their ability to understand your unique vision and inspirations and give you a personalized design plan that you will love.
Prior to your consultation you will share detailed event information, inspirations and vision, and the specifics of your event space. During your one on one consultation, you and your designer will review these details in full. Our experienced designers know all the right questions to ask to confirm that we have everything we need in order to best understand your aesthetic.
Often times there are multiple phases or ‘functions’ throughout an event. For example, a wedding typically includes a ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception. Using this example, this event would have 3 functions. Your package includes a single function with the option to add on additional functions.
For overall cohesiveness, you can only purchase one package per overall event. This ensures everything is considered during our process and all event elements are coordinated in your final design plans.
After purchasing your package, you will be prompted to schedule your one on one consultation at your convenience. The consultation is dependent on us receiving all details and documents from you prior to. Your event master plans will be delivered to you within 2 weeks of your consultation.
The Elite package allows the opportunity to provide feedback and revisions on initial designs.
Prior to the delivery of the design, you can upgrade your package anytime (Basic to Classic or Classic to Elite). You can also add additional functions for a cohesive design throughout your entire event.
The philosophy behind Designs by Amazae is to provide streamlined, convenient, and accessible event designs for our clients. In keeping with this concept, you will submit and receive documents and details with your designer in your client dashboard. You will also communicate with your designer in your one on one consultation.
A mood board helps define the overall look and feel of the event. It is a curated collage that displays color palettes, textures, design elements and inspiration images. Think of your event mood board as your event vibe summarized in a single page.
Your event master plan is a multipage document showcasing all individual event design ideas and concepts we have created just for you. It includes images to give you a visual of each concept as well as a brief description providing you with details and tips to execute the item at your event.
Your shopping + rental list will outline each item you will need to procure in order to execute the event design. It will include an image of each item, details, price, quantity and a link to purchase or rent.
The various documents you will receive make it very easy for you to execute your event. Share your mood board with vendors so they have a clear understanding of the overall vision, use the shopping + rental list to procure individual items, and use your event master plan as a guide to bring your event to life.
Designs by Amazae Events is providing online accessible design services for events of all occasions, styles, sizes and budgets. Bringing our event design expertise online allows the process to be easy, affordable and convenient for you. It allows us to share our renowned event design with you regardless of your location, offers flexibility for your busy schedule, and saves you both time and money. 
Our services are for anyone hosting an event. No matter the event type, what your guest count or budget is, or your desired event style, we can bring your event dreams to life.
Our team consists of various experienced event professionals that have been in the industry for decades. While each designer brings their own aesthetic eye to their projects, all of our designers have the experience and capability to produce an array of designs, styles, and concepts.
One on one access to our team of hand-picked designers, a convenient online dashboard, and the ability to work with a wide range of budgets and needs makes us truly one of a kind.

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