It was meant to start years ago, but started at the right moment: when people (the world) needed it most.

Crystal Lequang, Amazáe Events Founder & CEO, has always had a passion and talent for design with the ultimate goal of being able to create a platform making professional event design accessible for all. Her creative vision coupled with her technical background provided the perfect skillset to bring something completely new to the events and hospitality industry.

Since Amazáe Events was founded in 2004 Crystal’s drive and dedication was focused on her business and clients, so this vision was put on the back burner. For decades Crystal poured her heart and soul into bringing her client’s events to life as well as the growth of the company, leading to Amazáe Events becoming one of the most elite event production firms in Northern California.


After successfully designing and producing over 350 events, there was one common thread among them all. While each event is unique and different in style, personality and scope, every client ultimately wants the same thing; incredible event design.

Then it happened… in the blink of an eye the events and hospitality industry changed overnight. As the industry came to a halt in early 2020 and nearly everything in our world had changed, Crystal’s passion for helping others who couldn’t budget for or have access to a professional designer for their event was stronger than ever.

Her past IT project management experience in the tech world made it easy to envision a solution while her unwavering passion provided the drive to create something wonderful amongst the chaos that was currently going on in the world.

The mission of Designs by Amazáe Events is to make curated event designs accessible to everyone— accommodating every size, location, rules, theme, and budget. The goal is to ensure everyone has access to personal support to elevate their vision within their budget, creating their perfect event.

Here at Designs by Amazáe Events, we provide the right tools to allow you to feel confident bringing your event to life; bringing more fun, touching more lives, creating more lasting memories… one event design at a time.

Our Designers

Our team of hand-picked designers have a love for all things events and a passion for connecting and collaborating with clients to bring their event vision to life.

Each designer has years of experience and is able to provide custom design concepts that are aesthetically beautiful, completely custom to you, and functional.


I get inspired walking into old and new places, visualizing it’s full event potential to create amazing concepts for my clients. I am a true design chameleon and enjoy working with any and all design styles, but would say my personal aesthetic is timeless with an edge of new and unexpected. My favorite part of event design is creating event experiences for both my clients and their guests that are so enjoyable and fun that it leaves a lasting impression.


I honestly love all design styles which is what I enjoy most about designing events: working with different clients with unique tastes and styles excites me and I love bringing their ideas to life. I would describe my personal style as ’Nordstrom’. I am mostly classic and always timeless, but also love incorporating current trends and ideas.


What I enjoy most about event design is bringing beauty as well as functionality to a space. Something I always strive for with my event design is to find a way to uniquely display or incorporate a decor piece that touches the client. My personal design style is very eclectic, and I love combining traditional concepts and modern twists. I love mixing different textures, colors, and shapes and my favorite design element at an event is always the lighting.


I often have a hard time narrowing down my personal aesthetic because I truly love all design styles. If I had to sum it up, I would describe it as California Chic; I love traditional, chic styles coupled with an eclectic, casual feel. My passion for event design is fueled by my clients and what their individual passions are. I love incorporating what makes them happy into the design of their event.


I love working with clients and molding and interpreting their desires into something way better than they could have ever imagined. I am a beach girl by heart so I’m often drawn to cool earth tones and would describe my personal style as coastal simplicity. I combine my keen eye for design with my simplistic aesthetic to create timeliness, beautiful events.


My favorite design aesthetics are a mix of glam and modern and I love incorporating a wow factor that will have attendees remembering an event for years to come. I love being able to think outside the box and get creative given the parameters of a concept or an initial idea. There are so many options, unique ideas, and personal details that can elevate any event.